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Summer dinner with friends: how to prepare it with evo oil

What to cook for a summer dinner with friends? Fresh ingredients and our evo oil are perfect for preparing tasty and light recipes

Fresh and light recipes? They are ideal if you want to prepare a summer dinner with friends.

Seasonal Fruits and vegetables are excellent allies, as is extra virgin olive oil: a healthy seasoning that is perfect for adding flavour and personality even to cold dishes.

How to organise a summer dinner with extra virgin olive oil in just a few moves?

What to eat for a summer dinner?

The first question that arises when you decide to invite someone to dinner is ‘What shall I prepare?

If it is summer, then fresh food is almost a must on the menu. . To make a point: no braised meat with polenta or baked lasagne in the middle of July. Better, instead, something light, that will make you leave the table satisfied, but not weighed down: your guests will thank you!

There are many suggestions for a tasty summer dinner with friends: from grilled fish to pasta or rice salads, from the evergreen caprese with tomatoes and mozzarella to white meats. But summer velvety soups, to be served cold, are also a good idea. To make each recipe extraordinary, however, there is only one secret: use Frantoio Muraglia’s signature extra virgin olive oil. An excellence of flavour and fragrance, suitable for enriching every dish with unique and unmistakable aromatic notes and perfect for adding colour to your table!

Our design jars take up the colours of the rainbow giving a summer table all the suggestions of the sea: from lobsters to octopus, from prickly pears to sardines. Not forgetting our classic ‘Rainbowcollection or the ‘Universal Love‘ jar, signed by Adry De Martino.

What shall I prepare for a dinner with friends?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter and find out together what to make for dinner with friends using olive oil. How about starting with some fresh starters? The tomato, mozzarella and evo oil trio is always a classic: revisit it with our Aromatic Basil Oil to add all the fragrance of Basilico Genovese DOP and Ligurian suggestions.

You can also present this dish in a different way, opting for cherry tomatoes and cutting them open (without cutting them all the way through: the cherry tomato should open, but remain whole). Do the same with mozzarella and thread them onto a skewer, alternating them: the result will be a very pretty (and fresh) colourful flower to enjoy with friends.

Continue by also preparing some sauces with extra virgin olive oil, such as mayonnaise, mustard or bagnet verd: you can use them to dip croutons or raw vegetables (celery and carrots) while chatting or spread them on bread. Ideal, in short, for a cold summer dinner with friends.

What to eat fresh and fast in summer?

Let’s move on to the main course of your summer dinner with friends prepared using olive oil: the main course! Summer tempts us with fresh and quick recipes, including pasta, quinoa or spelt salads: you can make them unique simply by adding a balanced and delicate Medium Fruity oil or a drizzle of Pitted oil. The latter brings all the flavour of Coratina olive to the table in a more delicate way, thanks to the separation of the stone from the olive pulp before pressing.

If you want to ride the rice salad wave in an innovative way you can opt for a fresh poke bowl and let each guest create their own by arranging small bowls with the various ingredients: avocado, cherry tomatoes, tuna, chicken, dried fruit, mango… But don’t forget to top it all off with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil: we recommend Fumoour beechwood-smoked oil which gives a truly unique touch to a poke bowl

Do you have little time for your summer dinner but still want to make a good impression? Don’t worry: even a simple cold pasta can be perfect, if enriched with a homemade pesto made with extra virgin olive oil. And with our range of oils, each pesto can offer a variety of unique flavours: from Lemon Aromatic Oil to Basil Aromatic Oil, from the more explosive Chilli Aromatic Oil to Organic Oil.

What to eat for a cold dinner?

If you want to opt for a second course instead you can prepare a nice homemade piadina with evo oil! Healthier than the one with lard it is a nice idea, easy to put on the table and to stuff with seasonal ingredients.

Summer soups and velvety soups are also great ideas for a cold summer dinner with friends: vegetable velvety soups and cold creams are enriched with fragrance if they are complemented with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Serve them cold accompanied by some croutons et voila, dinner is served!

Alternatively, you can always opt for a classic barbecue of meat or grilled fish: here, too, the rose of our oils is ready to lend you a hand in turning every dish into a masterpiece. Fear not, then, if you are wondering what to cook for a summer dinner with friends: with Frantoio Muraglia extra virgin olive oil, excellence arrives directly on your table!


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