Produzione e vendita olio extravergine di oliva pugliese

The perfect gift for special moments is extra virgin olive oil Frantoio Muraglia

As wedding favors, as a Christmas gift or for a special occasion: extra virgin olive oil is the right idea for an original gift

Extra virgin olive oil: the most original gift for a special moment! From wedding favours to the perfect gift idea for friends and co-workers at important times such as Christmas and Easter.

A tribute in the name of Frantoio Muraglia’solive oil can be an original idea react it, to be declined with many nuances: an aromatic oil for those who love surprises and experimentation, a robust oil for those who love tradition, and a delicate oil, yet rich in personality, for those who prefer softer flavours. Is that all? Of course not: the carnet of gifts that can be made using olive oil is vast and includes customised designer jars, tasting packs and even an original olive bonsai tree.

In short, EVO oil is an evergreen gift designed to always be appreciated by those who receive it, whether in the form of a jar or… a favour!

Extra virgin olive oil favours: to celebrate the most beautiful day

If we say wedding favours, probably the first thing that comes to mind is the classic ornament with a tulle bag of sugared almonds, which is given at every wedding and inevitably ends up gathering dust on a shelf in the living room. Its usefulness? Minimum.

In short, the usual ‘dust-catcher’ that is moved here and there when tidying up. But if the wedding favour is olive oil-based, the music changes.

Because we at Frantoio Muraglia have a new concept of wedding favours: following the new trends, which favour useful favours, we propose something new, which comes out of the universe of dust-catchers and becomes a never again without.

Favours, as we said, have changed their conception in recent years, transforming from negligible ornaments into useful objects: jars of honey or jam, candles with the image of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding, or gastronomic favours containing Apulian specialities such as taralli or homemade pasta.

Little jewels, sometimes DIY, that have been able to innovate the world of wedding combining simplicity, utility and elegance: the same things you can also find in our olive oil favours! We are talking about our customisable jars with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding: a designer jar containing something just as precious as our extra virgin oil.

Designer orci, handmade and hand-painted by our ceramists, which go beyond the usual definition of a wedding favour and rightfully enter the universe of the beautiful but also the useful. Extraordinary design, white or decorated in the colours of the rainbow, Frantoio Muraglia‘s customisable wedding favours jars will amaze your guests with their elegance and will achieve your goal: to make them remember your wedding day every time they use your customised wedding favours in the kitchen!

Extra virgin olive oil jar: the perfect gift for Christmas

But a jar from Frantoio Muraglia is not only an original and useful favour: it can also become a splendid gift for a special occasion such as Christmas, for example. Giving a jar of olive oil for Christmas means giving someone you love a little bit of Puglia through the excellence of our territory, such as olive oil.

A jar, therefore, also becomes a piece of artistic value, which also preserves the extra virgin oil away from light and air, factors that could cause it to oxidise. But the eye also wants its part, which is why the choice among our jar collections is vast. Polka-dot jars, pop art jars, limited edition jars: you have the opportunity to choose the design you prefer, from jars signed by Apulian designers such as Stella Tasca and Pierpaolo Gaballo, to jars depicting elements of our land, such as prickly pears, octopuses and lobsters.

With a jar, therefore, you are not only giving olive oil of extraordinary quality, but also a design object that is perfect for the kitchen or the table: the ideal gift, in short, to impress relatives and friends with a touch of design!

Corporate gifts: how to impress everyone with extra virgin olive oil

The extra virgin olive oil from our mill, however, is also a perfect design idea for corporate gifts. It often happens, in fact, that one wants to present one’s employees with a Christmas present, but does not know what to give them. Nothing too work-related, but nothing useless either. So what? An agenda? A calendar? Or how about a gift pack?

A corporate gift, which translates into an oil tasting set or a basket filled with delicacies from our region, is always a good idea to get your greetings to their destination in the most appetising way… and the Frantoio Muraglia gift packs they never cease to amaze!

Hand-painted pitchers, taralli and olive jars, rainbow plates… and then he, the main protagonist: our olive oil and its many declinations, ranging from the Intensely Fruity, with its strong taste, to the Medium Fruity, ideal if you love delicacy, to our Olio Denocciolato, which, with its extraordinarily delicate flavour, is able to enhance the taste of the Coratina olive and make it appreciated even by those who usually prefer less robust and decisive oils.

Our beautiful hand-decorated jars are waiting to bring all the beauty of Apulian design and the fragrance of Apulian extra virgin olive oil to your team’s home.

Again, our jugs become personalised gifts that will bring the excellence of our olive oil to your staff‘s Christmas tables. In short, to make absolutely original and tasteful corporate gifts!

Extra virgin oil on Christmas tables and desserts

We have spoken of Christmas tables: our extra virgin olive oil, in fact, is not only on the Christmas table, with the designer jar, but also as an ingredient in the most delicious dishes that appear during the festive season, such as the Christmas and Boxing Day menus.

Christmas in Apulia has a great culinary tradition behind it, starting with the Christmas Eve menu. Fried fish, focaccia, capitone: these are the cornerstones of the menu on the evening of 24 December, followed by the actual Christmas lunch the next day.

A triumph of dishes ranging from lasagne and baked pasta to meat and vegetable stews. In short, Christmas in Apulia is also a feast for gourmets; and the condiment par excellence can only be Apulian extra virgin olive oil!

Perfect for first and second courses or for preparing tasty focaccia, olive oil is also the basic ingredient for delicious Christmas sweets: from cartellate, exquisite fried puff pastry cakes, to sweet pettole and mostaccioli, in which almonds are essential. But these are just a few of the many Christmas sweets for which extra virgin olive oil plays a key role, such as the pizza Settesfoglie or Santa Lucia’s eyes.

Extra virgin olive oil: also ideal for Valentine’s Day

After Christmas, but before Easter, there is another holiday that always comes with the desire to give presents. That’s right, we are talking about Valentine’s Day! Extra virgin olive oil is also perfect for organising a tasty home-made Valentine’s Day aperitif. How? Quick and easy!

With our extra virgin olive oil, you already have half of everything you need: just add a frisella, a few cherry tomatoes, salt and oregano and you have a tasty, Puglia-style bruschetta to enjoy with your partner.

But there are plenty of ideas for transforming your Valentine’s Day aperitif with Frantoio Muraglia. In this case, everything you will need is contained in our tasting pack: olives (can they ever be missing for a self-respecting aperitif?), small tasting bowls and, dulcis in fundo, our extra virgin olive oil in the Fumo, Aromatico and Fruttato Intenso versions. To celebrate Valentine’s Day with taste and delicacy.

What to give at Easter: a journey through taste

And for Easter? After Valentine’s Day, it is the next holiday. But what to give at Easter? Do the classic doves and chocolate eggs seem too traditional ideas to you and you fancy something new to surprise your loved ones? If you want to give Easter gifts that will create special memories, the best solution is to search the universe of products from Frantoio Muraglia. Perhaps to inaugurate a journey into the taste and world of olive oil by gifting your friends and relatives with a box of delicacies directly from Puglia.

Such as our Intense Fruity Oil, the ideal choice to introduce the taste of the Coratina olive to those who do not yet know it. Or our Olio Fumo, which marries the tradition of the Easter barbecue with its refined and unusual taste. An extra touch to accompany your outing with fragrances and flavours that will enchant every palate.

Elegant packages, designed not only to bring the goodness of our products into your home, but also to impress with their elegance and design. Because an oil from Frantoio Muraglia is not just an extra virgin olive oil, but a real journey into the flavours and traditions of Puglia, which starts with a design package.

Products and excellence that create new memories and new culinary experiments.

Two ways to feel united not only during the holidays, but throughout the year, creating new moments of joy, linked to the extraordinary taste of our extra virgin olive oil.


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