Produzione e vendita olio extravergine di oliva pugliese

Used terracotta jars: how to reuse them after running out of oil

What to do with used terracotta jars after running out of oil? Here are some ideas for using them at home and giving them a new lease of life You know those ceramic oil jars? If you love jars from the Frantoio Muraglia collections, you know it by now: one of our jars is never […]

Olive oil as a souvenir of holidays in Apulia

Olio evo souvenir vacanze in Puglia

Looking for a souvenir to remind you of the wonderful holidays you had in Puglia? Evo oil is a perfect idea that combines taste and tradition Summer, like every year, is coming to an end: but why not relive the wonderful holidays you just had by bringing home a souvenir to remind you of them? […]

Gaballo line jars: a special limited edition

orci linea Gaballo

The art of ceramics is a peculiarity of Italy in general. Like in a symphonic opera there are many voices filling the stage. It could not be otherwise: our country is a cradle of diversity, expressed region by region. Here Apulian ceramics with a solo of its own underlines its uniqueness. In the book of […]

Frantoio Muraglia launches Orcio Gallo by designer Stella Tasca

Orcio Gallo design Stella Tasca

We have revisited an ancient icon like the rooster, rich in meaning, with a new design jar: a symbol of light and rebirth We at Frantoio Muraglia do not just produce oil: for years now, we have been bottling our extra virgin olive oil in a real design object: the terracotta jar. An object that […]

Wine and extra virgin olive oil: how to combine them

Vino e olio extravergine d’oliva: come abbinarli

Wine and oil have a lot in common. Together they accompany your dishes, enhancing flavours and aromas. Here are some guidelines for choosing them consistently Wine and oil are two elements that are never lacking in our kitchens and in the Mediterranean diet. Their bond is very strong: both are produced by processing fruit that […]

Calories of olive oil: what are the nutritional values?

valori nutrizionali olio

What are the nutritional values of extra virgin olive oil? And how many calories does a tablespoon of oil have? Let’s find out together Reduce it – if necessary – but never eliminate it altogether. This is what nutritionists say about extra virgin olive oil in the context of slimming diets and low-calorie diets. Yes, […]

The colour of extra virgin olive oil: answers to frequently asked questions

Colore dell’olio extravergine

From deep green to straw yellow: extra virgin olive oil has a variety of colours that tell its story. Let’s discover them together Our passion for extra virgin olive oil has often led us to deal with different topics involving it, from its composition to the health benefits of olive oil, from its processing at […]

How to read the label of extra virgin olive oil

Etichetta dell’olio extravergine di oliva: come leggerla

The label of an oil reveals where it comes from and how it was produced: for this reason and to avoid nasty surprises, it is important to know how to read it Once upon a time, when people spoke of a label, they spoke of good manners. Of course, the first meaning of the word […]

The advantages of having your own oil mill

I vantaggi di avere il frantoio di proprietà

Grandpa Savino said that ‘having your own mill is everything’ to get the best extra virgin olive oil: here’s why. “Having your own oil mill is everything” says Savino Muraglia senior: today we explain why having your own oil mill is so fundamental to obtaining the best extra virgin olive oil possible. We talk about […]

Cocktails with evo oil: the idea for making innovative drinks

Cocktail con olio evo

A cocktail with evo oil Yes, please Mixology continues to innovate with drinks prepared using extra virgin oil: let’s find out which ones The art of mixology is constantly evolving: bartenders love to experiment and, among the emerging trends, the use of unconventional ingredients such as evo oil certainly stands out. Typical culinary ingredients that […]

Orecchiette with urnip tops with extra virgin oil: how to prepare them

Orecchiette cime di rapa con olio extravergine

Just say orecchiette with turnip tops and the mind immediately goes to the traditional Apulian here’s how to revisit them with taste… and with extra virgin olive oil! Just say orecchiette with turnip tops and your mind immediately goes to the traditional Apulian pasta with its characteristic shape, enriched by this equally typical leafy vegetable. […]

Marinating grilled meat with olive oil: this is how to do it

Marinare la carne alla griglia con l’olio evo

Summer, barbecue time: but how to marinate grilled meat? Here’s the solution: the aromatic (and non-aromatic) oils from Frantoio Muraglia! Summer, barbecue time! The grill is ready, the charcoal too: but how to marinate grilled meat? Marinating, in fact, is an essential step to ensure that meat is cooked to perfection and gives it an […]

Summer dinner with friends: how to prepare it with evo oil

Cena estiva come prepararla con olio evo

What to cook for a summer dinner with friends? Fresh ingredients and our evo oil are perfect for preparing tasty and light recipes Fresh and light recipes? They are ideal if you want to prepare a summer dinner with friends. Seasonal Fruits and vegetables are excellent allies, as is extra virgin olive oil: a healthy […]

Traditional recipes made with leftovers… and olive oil

Ricette tradizionali con avanzi

Even traditional Italian cuisine helps us not to waste: here are some recipes in which leftovers are protagonists. Today we talk about traditional recipes for recovering leftovers and avoiding waste. A particularly popular topic, and not only in the periods following the holidays Environmental sustainability has become a hot topic in recent years. Respect for […]

Spring recipes with olive oil: dishes to be brought to the table

Ricette primaverili con l’olio evo

Looking for ideas for spring recipes? Olive oil, together with seasonal vegetables, is perfect for creating tasty and fresh dishes. Let’s find out which ones! Spring has finally sprung: the days are getting longer and the colours of the trees are changing intensity. However, one of the fundamental questions that accompanies us every day of […]