Produzione e vendita olio extravergine di oliva pugliese

Olive oil as a souvenir of holidays in Apulia

Looking for a souvenir to remind you of the wonderful holidays you had in Puglia? Evo oil is a perfect idea that combines taste and tradition

Summer, like every year, is coming to an end: but why not relive the wonderful holidays you just had by bringing home a souvenir to remind you of them? In recent years, instead of magnets and knick-knacks, the trend has been to return with typical products from the region visited.

Evo oil is a perfect souvenir for those who, in Apulia, have discovered the taste and fragrance of extra virgin olive oil from mills and no longer want to do without.

Olive oil: the best souvenir after a holiday

Tasty, rich in antioxidant properties and perfect for the diet: evo oil offers a host of health benefits, as well as being one of the cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet. Choosing Apulian olive oil as a holiday souvenir is therefore a popular option to recapture a bit of summer every time you add it to some dish. All the more so, if on holiday you have discovered the fragrances of an aromatic oil or a fruity extra virgin with a full-bodied flavour, typical of the oils in the Frantoio Muraglia range, and can no longer do without it.

Bringing home our extra virgin olive oil as a souvenir from Apulia is a perfect idea, in short, to bring traditional and non-traditional dishes to life, with that extra something that can make the difference and remind you of the summer you have just had, even during the winter.

What to bring home from holiday?

Cheeses, desserts, typical cured meats: many high-quality products are brought home from the holidays. Among these, you certainly cannot miss our evo oil as a souvenir! Perfect for recreating an Apulian bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella on late summer evenings or able to give that extra touch to summer soups and velvety soups, piadinas or even homemade pesto. Perfect even when it’s snowing outside: the scent of an Apulian oil with fruity and fragrant notes can transport us for a few moments to a land of sea, sun and scents, while waiting for next summer.

Like our fruity oils: here the hints of spiciness and bitterness are balanced in a play of flavours to suit all tastes. In a high quality Medum Fruity oil, for example, the flavours will be in perfect harmony: this is why our Medium Fruity is a perfect choice for those who like to make a soup unique, but do not want to use an oil that is too structured and robust.

The aromas of the Peranzana olive, from which it originates, give a dish fragrances of tomato, rocket, radish and even a hint of artichoke. Suitable for short cooking and delicate dishes, fish and seafood, this oil can satisfy those who want to add flavour and fragrance to every dish, in a delicate way.

Souvenir from Apulia: extra virgin olive oil

The intense green of the Coratina olive enriches our Intense Fruity oil . An evo oil in which the flavours are in harmony and are suitable for those who like marked tones. Recipes with a personality such as ragout, game or grilled meats, when seasoned with our Intense Fruity oil, acquire an extra flavour that satisfies the palates of those who love structured oils and accentuated flavours.

Shades similar to those of Intense Fruity oil but more delicate are typical of Denocciolato oil: an oil that combines the strong flavour of Coratina with a more delicate nuance. Our Denocciolato comes from the pressed olive without the stone, thus lacking the tannic substances and polyphenols that make the fruitiness so intense. The result is a more delicate but equally fragrant oil, perfect for those who are not used to structured oils but can enrich fish dishes and steamed vegetables at the same time.

Our Olio Fumo is also perfect as a holiday souvenir. For those who love the taste of the grill, we have come up with a cold-smoked oil with beech wood, which could give this hint to any dish: even to a velvety aubergine soup or a simple ricotta cheese! And what about our aromatic oils? They are the best way to take home after your holiday a souvenir that reminds you not only of Puglia, but also of other regions known for their excellent products such as Liguria and Calabria. Genovese basil and Calabrian chilli pepper, in fact, are two of the excellences we have used to create some of our aromatics.

Bringing home one or more bottles of evo oil as a souvenir of your holiday in Apulia is certainly a great way to return, whenever you want, to a world of perfumes and fragrances: just add a drizzle of Frantoio Muraglia extra virgin olive oil to Frantoio Muraglia’s a recipe to rediscover, even during the winter, all the pleasure and fragrances of our Apulia… while waiting for next summer!


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