Produzione e vendita olio extravergine di oliva pugliese

Spring recipes with olive oil: dishes to be brought to the table

Looking for ideas for spring recipes? Olive oil, together with seasonal vegetables, is perfect for creating tasty and fresh dishes. Let’s find out which ones!

Spring has finally sprung: the days are getting longer and the colours of the trees are changing intensity. However, one of the fundamental questions that accompanies us every day of the year always remains the same: what shall I cook today? Let’s face it: thinking about what to bring to the table is quite a dilemma, especially for those who are keen to vary their diet and always present an original and tasty menu.

Seasonal vegetables come to our rescue, helping us to prepare truly tempting spring recipes for the whole family. Let’s discover them together!

What vegetables are in spring?

In March, April and May, we can find various seasonal vegetables with which to prepare delicious spring menus. Some examples? Peas, courgettes, spinach, asparagus, artichokes, broad beans, green beans and fennel…

Vegetables and fruit that are in season are tastier, have less environmental impact and give us their beneficial properties… 100 %! Enjoying seasonal vegetables is therefore good for both your health and the environment.

Green light, then, for spring recipes based on the fruits of the earth that we find available in this period and which allow us to prepare different and always tasty menus, especially if combined with Frantoio Muraglia extra virgin olive oil! Our extra virgin olive oil is also good for our health due to the amount of antioxidants it contains and its monounsaturated fatty acids.

Seasonal vegetables + olive oil are the ideal mix to bring healthy dishes to the table… and tasty!

What to cook in spring?

Delicious starters ready in a few minutes, vegetable-based first courses and main courses of eggs, meat or fish accompanied by fresh side dishes: the warm season provides us with a wide variety of vegetables with which to bring spring recipes to the table spring recipes to be complemented with our extra virgin olive oil..

Like, for example, fusilli with asparagus, peas and courgettes: in this case after boiling the asparagus for a few minutes, take care of the courgettes and peas. Cut the courgettes into cubes and brown them in a pan with a little oil and some onion. Once cooked, add the asparagus and drain the pasta, tossing it in the sauce for a few minutes.

Serve, add a nice sprinkling of grated Parmesan cheese and finish with a drizzle of oil. Which one? We recommend our Medium Fruity, delicate and well-balanced, suitable to enrich a dish like this in a discreet and tasty way.

Another way to season pasta this season, for example, is by preparing a spinach and walnut pesto. And what about penne with courgettes and cherry tomatoes confit? A much-loved spring recipe, combining the sweetness of these two ingredients and topped with a drizzle of Aromatic Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil, perfect for giving an unforgettable fragrance and flavour.

Even the classic “lasagne” can be revisited in a more spring-like way. Examples are lasagne with vegetables, lasagne with asparagus or lasagne with artichokes, almonds and extra virgin olive oil.

Springtime menu: yes to cereals

Rice is a great protagonist of the table, even in spring. That’s why a classic risotto with asparagus is a must in your recipes!

To make it even tastier, you can add peas, courgettes and a drizzle of Lemon Flavoured Olive Oil for an extra touch of freshness. How to prepare it? Follow our tips for a perfect risotto with evo oil. Alternatively, you can also opt for a pasta, spelt, quinoa or basmati rice salad with fresh vegetables or a fresh poke bowl.

Cereals such as couscous, barley or quinoa are also perfect for creating simple and tasty spring recipes with extra virgin olive oil: simply combine them with spring vegetables for a balanced and inviting dish.

Quick spring recipes: snacks and main courses

Looking for more ideas for tempting spring recipes? You can try fried zucchini flowers, a delicious appetiser to fry in evo oil, or crostini with tomato, buffalo mozzarella and evo oil. Tomato, oil and mozzarella, in fact, are a trio that always wins in the kitchen!

Our Pitted or Intense Fruity evo oil are perfect to enrich this starter with flavour, as is the Olio Fumo, smoked with beech wood.

Omelettes are also an excellent second course that is easy to prepare: just add your favorite spring vegetables to the eggs, such as asparagus, courgette flowers or spinach, to have a light spring recipe ready in just a few minutes, suitable for every taste. palate. The same goes for green spinach crepes, to be filled with fresh cheese or your favorite cured meats.

Asparagus and artichokes are two popular seasonal vegetables at this time of year. You can use them to create delicious recipes such as artichoke meatballs or asparagus focaccia. Those who love savoury pies will also love spring vegetables: how about, for example, a savoury pie with carrots, courgettes and feta cheese or with green beans and potatoes?

And let’s not forget fresh soups and velvety soups, which are ideal for a relaxed dinner when time is short. An example? Velvety pea soup, which is very easy to prepare. After cooking the peas with the vegetable broth, whisk everything together, add the cream and serve. For an extra touch of flavour, you can complete the dish with a drizzle of our Ginger Aromatic Oil!

In short, if you are wondering what to eat for dinner in spring, don’t worry: seasonal vegetables and Frantoio Muraglia’s signature extra virgin olive oil are the perfect allies for bringing easy spring recipes to the table that suit every palate!


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