Produzione e vendita olio extravergine di oliva pugliese

Cocktails with evo oil: the idea for making innovative drinks

A cocktail with evo oil Yes, please Mixology continues to innovate with drinks prepared using extra virgin oil: let’s find out which ones

The art of mixology is constantly evolving: bartenders love to experiment and, among the emerging trends, the use of unconventional ingredients such as evo oil certainly stands out. Typical culinary ingredients that have never been used to prepare drinks.

An example? The cocktail ‘The Oliveto‘, created by London bartender Phillip Pip Hanson, or the ‘Madre Martini‘, by bartender Sabina Yausheva: both have given new life to mixology by integrating evo oil into cocktails.

As well as being a protagonist of the table, useful for preparing risotto, spaghetti or tasty velvety soups, extra virgin olive oil is therefore also about to become an excellent companion in the world of cocktails. But how to use it? Let’s discover together how its texture and fragrances can help us revisit classic drinks and create new flavour experiences.

Cocktails with evo oil: a balance of taste and texture

The use of extra virgin olive oil in cocktails is important both for the taste and for the texture of the drink we are preparing: it can add a silkiness and a velvety touch, matching the freshness of the other ingredients used.

To do this, one chooses to shake it together with the other ingredients of a cocktail, add a few drops at the end or sprinkle it. The oil is then mixed with the other, more ‘watery’ ingredients of the drink. In some cases, then, one prefers the infusion technique of fat washing and goes to combine the fat (and thus the oil) with an alcoholic spirit, such as gin, flavouring the distillate and giving it the silkiness of the oil.

Of course, there is one fundamental rule underlying the process of creating an extra virgin olive oil cocktail: you have to use ingredients, and therefore an oil, of high quality!

Mixology draws its inspiration from cooking, borrowing an ingredient that is a prince of the table, such as oil, to enrich a drink with its qualities: to achieve the best possible result it is necessary that the oil in question has the right characteristics. A unique flavour, fragrances you can smell and the intense yet delicate character that permeates this ingredient. And what better oil than our signature Frantoio Muraglia?

Mediterranean Martini: a cocktail with gin and olive

The Mediterranean Martini is the first of the recipes we want to experiment with: in this case we are going to revisit the classic Martini so dear to 007, “Shaken, not stirred“, adding the fragrances of evo oil. So let’s get some ice, 200 ml of gin, 10 ml of vermouth, 50 ml of evo oil and three olives. After all, the peculiarity of the Martini is precisely that it is served in the typical V-cup with olives, isn’t it?

We start by pouring the gin, vermouth and oil into a shaker filled with ice and shake energetically. Then we pour the drink into a martini glass and add a few olives for garnish. But we can also decide to flavour the gin directly with oil using the fat washing technique. In this case we pour the gin into a pitcher, add the evo oil, stir and let it sit in the freezer for a few hours.

The oil will freeze, forming a wafer: remove it and strain the gin through a strainer and funnel. Now pour the filtered gin into a mixing glass (or jug) and add the vermouth and ice: now stir and pour into a martini glass, garnishing with olives or a lemon peel. Our cocktail with olive gin and olive oil is ready to be enjoyed with friends!

Cocktails with oil: here are more ideas for preparing them

Our Frantoio Muraglia extra virgin olive oil also becomes the ideal companion in another cocktail: we are talking about ‘Cetarese‘, from the idea of Campania barman Alex Frezza. In this case, 45 ml of ice-cold Muma Gin, 15 ml of Vermouth, a drop of Frantoio Muraglia extra virgin olive oil, a drop of colatura di alici di Cetara (anchovies from Cetara) are used and everything is mixed using the Stir & Strain technique.

Basically, one starts by pouring the ice into a mixing glass and then throwing away only the water produced by the melting of the ice. The ingredients are then poured into the mixing glass, stirred with a stirrer (also known as a bar spoon) and then strained with the help of a strainer (a tool similar to a colander) pouring the cocktail (without ice) into a clean, frozen glass.

How about a Bloody Mary revisited with the addition of our Garlic Aromatic Oil? To prepare it simply put ice, 180 ml tomato juice, 90 ml cold vodka and 30 ml lemon juice in a shaker.

We add a couple of drops of aromatic garlic oil, along with two drops of Worcester sauce and two drops of Tabasco sauce. We shake and pour into the glass, then add a few grains of salt and the typical Bloody Mary ingredient, a tuft of celery. We can also add two shrimps cooked in a pan for a few minutes and two pickles. Et voila, our cocktail with vodka and evo oil is served!

What are you waiting for to dive into the world of mixology and prepare some olive oil cocktails to enjoy with friends? Our extra virgin olive oil Frantoio Muraglia is waiting for you to add its flavour and fragrance to your drinks!


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