Produzione e vendita olio extravergine di oliva pugliese

Marinating grilled meat with olive oil: this is how to do it

Summer, barbecue time: but how to marinate grilled meat? Here’s the solution: the aromatic (and non-aromatic) oils from Frantoio Muraglia!

Summer, barbecue time! The grill is ready, the charcoal too: but how to marinate grilled meat? Marinating, in fact, is an essential step to ensure that meat is cooked to perfection and gives it an extra flavour worthy of a gourmet meal.

An ordinary barbecue can become extraordinary: just follow a few tricks.

The first of which obviously concerns marinating.

Let’s find out together how to season the meat before grilling it and which oil to use to enrich the flavour when serving!

Marinating meat on the grill: the rules for doing it

properly Barbecuing is serious business: not for nothing, there are plenty of courses dedicated to this very activity.

However, to become a true wizard of the grill it is not enough to know your way around charcoal and cooking times: you also have to know the raw material, i.e. meat, and how best to marinate it. This step, in fact, allows a tender meat, rich in aromas and flavours to be brought to the table.

But how do you prepare a proper marinade? For this emulsion, you need to add an acidic ingredient (such as lemon, vinegar or wine), an aromatic one (herbs such as parsley, rosemary, thyme etc.) and an oily ingredient, such as our extra virgin olive oil!

However, it should not be forgotten that each meat needs a special marinade to enhance its characteristics. Game because of its very strong taste, will need an equally strong marinade, which mutes its intensity. Conversely, for white meats with a delicate taste, such as chicken, a lighter marinade, which subtleties the flavour without covering it, will suffice.

But how long should meat be marinated? The amount of time required for marinating deserves a separate discussion which naturally varies depending on the type of meat: beef should marinate for a maximum of two hours, so as not to become stringy; for game a longer marinating time will be required due to the intense flavour. For chicken meat which is particularly delicate, one or two hours will suffice. In the case of pork a long marinade will also serve to soften the meat.

How to marinate meat for a perfect barbecue?

We then proceed with the preparation of our ad hoc marinade depending on the type of meat, also choosing the right oil: Frantoio Muraglia’s extra virgin olive oils are perfect for enriching any barbecue with the most suitable flavour.

Lamb, rabbit or venison meats with a very strong taste will need an equally strong oil such as our Intensely Fruity: its notes of dill, hay, fennel, pepper and artichoke, in fact, give life to a powerful oil with great personality, perfect for enriching even game with flavour. The same also applies to another evergreen of grilling, namely the beef steak.

Pork ribs are also a barbecue classic: how about seasoning them with a Medium Fruity oil, capable of enriching them with hints of tomato, rocket and radish?

Staying on the subject of marinating meat and grilling, let’s not forget our range of aromatic oils: fromBasil Oil to Lemon Oil, from Ginger Aromatic Oil to Chilli Oil, Frantoio Muraglia’s aromatic line is perfect for those who love experimenting and flavour contamination. These oils are made by pressing olives together with other delicacies such as Basilico Genovese DOP, Peperoncino Calabrese or Limone IGP di Rocca Imperiale. Marinating with aromatic oils is a certainty for both grilled fish and meat!

Extra virgin olive oil is a valuable ally for marinating meat before a barbecue or simply to add an extra touch of flavour when serving it. All you have to do is choose the right fragrance to bring to the table a grilled meat that is different from the usual and full of aromas and flavours! Is the meat marinated and the grill ready? All you have to do is wait for your guests and enjoy grilling with friends!


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