Medium fruity monocultivar peranzana olive

Olive oil is the brand identity of a particular region. The Peranzana cultivar gives rise to AN ELEGANT OIL THAT GOES PERFECTLY WITH DELICATE DISHES; it boasts very low acidity and a very well-balanced taste, suitable for fish and lightly-cooked dishes.

Golden yellow shot through with gleams of bright green. Its scent is dominated by the varietal characteristics of the Peranzana olive: full and fragrant, it has rich and vivid scents of tomato, rocket, radish and bright notes of artichoke. In the mouth it fully confirms its olfactory promise, with fresh and vivid notes without any excess of bitter or spicy tones.

Peranzana olive for an elegant oil

“THERE’S A CULTURE BEHIND OLIVE OIL, AND I LOVE THAT OLIVE OIL IS THE IDENTITY OF A TERRITORY AND THAT’S ANOTHER REASON I’M BACK HERE. I was born in Andria, so you could say I know a thing or two about it and I think I can tell the difference between a good olive oil and an excellent one. Peranzana produces A FINE OLIVE OIL AND BEST COMBINES WITH DELICATE DISHES, has a very low acidity and a very balanced taste which would best suit fish dishes and shouldn’t be cooked for long. In my case, I find it essential on seafoodwith cherry tomatoes, because it has a medium structure which doesn’t overpower fish and seafood dishes. This is an oil I couldn’t do without, because in the MURAGLIA JAR, WHICH IS INDISPUTABLY BEAUTIFUL, I CAN FEEL MORE, ITS SOUL.”

Felice Sgarra, restaurant chef at “Umami” Andria
One Michelin star