Bio organic olive oil

Bio is a word meaning life. Organic has now come to mean a reference to healthy living and a link with the Earth. We aimed straight at the heart of things by working through minimisation and biomimicry. Simply put, we did as nature does, and designed a product with unique and entirely chemical freeorganoleptic properties, starting from the work in the orchards.

For us, Bio organic oil represents a response to a growing and collective demand for well-being, including and especially in the diet. Science has revealed a dual relationship between health and food, an increasingly broad and well-informed consumer demand for quality, respect and safety. We manage 40 ha of olive groves in the Andria countryside, on the Murgia high plane, without resorting to synthesised products, without resorting to chemical fertilisers or parasite control. The result is also unique in terms of taste, the result of a process incorporating harvesting by hand and cold pressing of the olive pulp.

Bio organic, olive oil produced as nature demands.

One of the most frequent questions i hear is “what memories of puglia linger on for you?”.

The scent of the sea, the mistral wind on your face and the salt that almost scratches when you go home on foot after a day at the sea. And the food, the oil… I remember the ritual that preceded lunch: my sister and I with a pitcher and the ladle would get the right oil to dress the salad, the meat and, sometimes, we would put a bit on the mozzarella.

When we opened the reservoir, this almost spicy aroma of this extremely green oil would arrive. My father called it green gold. Today I still have this passion for oil. I consume a significant quantity of oil because, besides what the restaurants need, I use it for the production of our own bread and I am proud to say that the oil used for baking and in the kitchen is the same that I serve in the dining room. For me, oil is sacred and all those who eat our bread say that… they can taste it! Obviously, in selecting oil, my heart leans more often to the south than to the north, and the Savino’s oil overwhelmed me. It is the perfect oil for cooking, especially short cooking times, and to be used raw. It is delicate, elegant, is just shy enough and knows how to respect the ingredient in the dish, accompanying it. By now, for me no chick pea soup (that I love) Can exist without this fruity olive oil. Thank you Savino!

Cristina Bowerman, chef ristorante “Glass Hostaria” – Roma
1 Michelin star