Table and kitchen

Around the table we eat, we chat, we share experiences. Every action connected with food, even the most simple and ordinary, produces an emotion, through taste and flavours, but also through stories and and tradition.

Sitting together around the table is one of the best way to socialize, because every meal is an occasion to escape from our daily routines and dedicate time to who shares the food with us. All along we bring to the table our essence, our high quality extra virgin olive oil.

The handmade terracotta jars, that identify our company and our products, are born from the creative inspiration of Savino Jr. Colored, elegant, craft and 100% made in Italy.

From here, we decided not to stop simply at the production of the oil but we wanted to bring our philosophy of life to your tables and kitchens: the beauty of small things, the obsession for quality, the excellence of the renowned Italian know-how.

Based on this values, Savino Jr. created the first line of products signed Muraglia: everyday life unique items, elegant, recognizable, distinctive. Items dressed up by “extra virginity”, with colored jars, 100% made in Italy.

To represent the Italian passion for food and decorate your homes with a modern and ambitious design.