Red ceramic jar

Elegance, wit and charm. Capri is a tribute to one of the most beautiful landscapes in all Italy.
500ml size.
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Category: Orci Capri
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Two great Apulian traditions – making olive oil and creating decorated vases – have come together in these Frantoio Muraglia Jars.

Our company’s iconic jars are entirely hand-made by artisans here in Apulia who deploy their skills in shaping the clay, kiln-firing and then painting the resulting vessels entirely by hand. Each one is unique.

One of the most beautiful landscapes in Italy is the inspiration for this collection of handmade jars. A spiral of bright colours decorates each one – a jewel-case safeguarding the quality of the precious treasure within.

Capri is available in Intense Fruity and Medium Fruity oil varieties, and in turquoise, red and light green colors.

Weight 1.4 kg
Olio Intense fruity, Medium fruity
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