With our “Essenza” line, here at Muraglia Oil Mill we are going back to the essential that has always been at the heart of our work: oil. Essence means oil of the highest quality in pret-à-gourmet attire; extra virgin oil which is elegant but democratic in its appeal.

“Essenza” Pitted is an extremely high quality product in which the olive pulp is separated from the stone before pressing: this gives an oil with delicate shades of flavour so that even those unaccustomed to ‘structured’ or ‘full-bodied’ oils will savour our coratina. It is distinguished by its unique fruity taste and lively aftertaste.

Discover the features of Essenza Pitted olive oil.

Weight 0.7 kg
Formato 500 ml, 250 ml
Dimensioni/Size/Größe 17,5 h x 7,2 x 4,2
Sally - 8 September 2018

This is a light, yet delicious oil. I often use it on grilled vegetables, fish dishes and have also made cakes and cookies with it. Will be placing another order soon.

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