An extra virgin olive oil that takes its name from the Macchia di Rose soil, selected for its position, to give life to the first Grand Cru.

Available in 500ml size.


(sold in groups of 1)
Category: Grand CRU

The first GRAND CRU from Coratina olive is born to strengthen even more the connection with the territory. One of the lands with the best position has been selected to create an even more excellent extra virgin olive oil: Macchia di Rose is the plot that gives life to a limited production of precious , unique, all numbered bottles.

An intense green oil with golden hues, with its uncontainable scents of fennel, artichoke, pepper and hay.

Spiciness: intense

Bitterness: medium
Fruity: intense

Balance: medium balanced

Available in 500ml size.

Dimensioni/Size/Größe 24 h x 11 x 3,5
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