Apulian treasures

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For your gift choose Apulian excellences

  • Intense fruity red capri jar 500 ml
  • Medium fruity essence 250
  • Aromatic lemon oil 200 ml
  • Intense fruity essence 500 ml
  • Olive leaves - box of 500 gr
  • Orecchiette - box of 500 gr
  • Tomato date in water and salt - 400 gr
  • Fennel seed Grissini - box of 150gr
  • Taralli with extra virgin olive oil - box 150gr
  • Small pork mortadella - 800 gr


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Category: Gifts

APULIAN TREASURES is the richest of our Christmas boxes: ten selected products in a real Italian wooden box will allow you to enjoy an entire lunch of traditional Apulian flavours.

This present includes four oils from our Oil Mill: a 500ml Intense Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil Red Capri ceramic jar, a 500ml Pitted Oil Essenza bottle, a 250ml Medium Fruity bottle with Peranzana olive variety and a very original Lemon Spiced Oil. This selection will surely satisfy the curiosity and the palate of those who receive this gift.

The other six products completing this excellent Christmas box well represent the flavours of different areas of Puglia: it is a selection of specialties produced by Apulian companies in love with tradition and craftsmanship.

Let's start with two delicacies made with an extremely selected semolina by the pasta maker Centoni from Mottola (TA): Orecchiette, the queens of the regional tradition, and Olive Leaves, both in a 500g box. Then we combine these delicacies with an excellent sauce made by the union of one of our oils with the Dattero tomato in water and salt by Masseria Dauna from Lucera (FG) where real experts in tomatoes processing work.

Two must-have products complete the meal: Fennel seeds Grissini and extra virgin olive oil Taralli made in Andria by Terre di Puglia, a worldwide known company , and the very tasty 800g Santorella, a pork Mordatella by Santoro's family from Cisternino (BR) , they’re specialists in cured meats.

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