Apulian pleasures

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For your gift choose the Apulian excellence

Intense fruity essence 250 ml
Medium fruity Rainbow Tin 250 ml
Taralli with extra virgin olive oil - box 150 gr
Olive leaves - box of 500 gr
Tomato Spaccatelle - 550 gr


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Category: Gifts

This is a simple and low-cost Christmas box, anyway it's full of high quality products, to be used as Christmas gadget, company gift or as a present for many different occasions. In a made in Italy wooden box we find two of our extra virgin olive oils: the 250ml Intense Fruity Essenza bottle and the 250ml Medium Fruity Rainbow Tin. Two different flavours, obtained from different qualities of Apulian olives, in order to appreciate all the diversity you can get from a homemade extra virgin olive oil.

The box also contains three other products representing in the best way the Apulian flavours to let you cook a meal following the real Apulian culinary tradition. It’s about delicacies made by local companies, made by people in love for tradition and craftsmanship, such as the Olive Leaves by Centoni, a homemade pasta produced with an excellent semolina by the leader company from Mottola (TA), the tomato’s Spaccatelle by Masseria Dauna di Lucera (FG) and Taralli by Terre di Puglia, made in Andria with extra virgin olive oil according to an ancient recipe.

In this way, after having their appetizer with the excellent Taralli by Terre di Puglia, those who receive this box as business gift or Christmas box may prepare a good homemade pasta with a sauce made from tomato's "Spaccatelle" and enriched by our extra virgin olive oil.

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