Apulian identities

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If you're thinking about a full of intense and evocative flavours Christmas present , our Apulian Identities box is the right one for you: it includes nine high quality culinary products in a made in Italy wooden box .

You will find three of our best products: the nice 500 ml Polka-dot ceramic jar with our Intense Fruity extra virgin olive oil from Coratina Apulian olive variety, the same variety you will find in the 250ml Intense Fruity Essenza bottle. In addition, a real specialty of our company, the 250 ml naturally cold smoked oil FUMO.

A salami was indispensable to complete this rich collection of Apulian specialties, so we could not miss the Smoked Jowl by Santoro's family from Cisternino (BR).

The flavours of the different Puglia’s areas are also very well represented by a range of six other products in this Excellent Christmas box. Indeed, it is a specialties selection produced by local companies, made of people in love with tradition, craftsmanship care and the creation of true delicacies.

One of these companies, Terre di Puglia, has spread its brand all over the world starting from Andria. They now offer us two of their delicious products: fennel seeds Grissini and extra virgin olive oil Taralli. Masseria Daunia, on the other hand, is a tomatoes processing specialised company: they offer you the 550g pot of peeled tomatoes, while the pasta maker Centoni from Mottola (TA) provides us with two of its artisanal pasta varieties produced with selected semolina: Orecchiette and Olive Leaves.

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