Frantoio Muraglia story

Frantoio Muraglia was born in Andria, capital of the Apulia oil region, five generations ago, but our real family patriarch has watched the seasons come and go for no fewer than 450 years – a majestic coratina olive-tree, a native cultivar whose wealth of polyphenols is almost unmatched among the 538 classified Italian varieties.

Our history as oil producers begins with this green giant that stands tall over our olive groves – some 40 hectares in the uplands of Murgia. It was Savino Muraglia senior who bought this tree to press its olives for oil, defying all those who told him there was no fortune to be made from land and olives. As to who had the right of it, only time will tell!

One thing for certain is that our tenacious great great-grandfather – cross-grained or “stubborn as a mule”, as they say in Apulia where people don’t mince words – did it his way and launched the long history of an oil which is now on gourmet shelves in forty countries. But many things have remained utterly unchanged in all this time, beginning with our promise to preserve the biodiversity of the agricultural landscape and to protect the plants of strategic importance for our supply, such as the olive trees themselves.

We still pick our olives by hand and press them cold in the ancient stone press. Our goal is always to make the finest Italian extra virgin oil, absolutely without compromise. And of course, as we always have – stubborn as a mule! – to do it our way.

The secrets of state of the art pressing

Paying off my family’s sacrifices

“I REALLY ENJOYED RIDING IN AND OUT OF THE MILL, AND THEN RUSHING TO GET MY HANDS DIRTY AMIDST THE HEAPS OF OLIVES. A dogged passion we passed as a burden from one generation to the next, from hot-tempered great-great-grandfather Savino to prudent grandfather Savino and then on to my indulgent dad Vincenzo. One fine day this love, this oil that runs in my blood turned into an innate need to pay off my family’s sacrifices and build up a highly regarded quality legacy. ONCE UPON A TIME THE BUSINESS WOULD RUN FOR 60 DAYS A YEAR, NOW THIS NUMBER HAS SOARED TO 365 AND YOU DEFINITELY CAN’T HAVE A NAP ANY LONGER IN THE AFTERNOON. What I really wanted above everything else was to convert those sacrifices into the obsession for quality that is now spreading far and wide in the world as a testimony to Puglia’s health and industriousness.”

Savino Jr.

When oil becomes a collectable

“WORKING FOR MURAGLIA ISN’T EASY BUT IT IS ENJOYABLE. THE JARS WE PRODUCE KEEP INCREASING IN NUMBER EVERY YEAR, AND THEY ARE ALL HAND-MOULDED AND DECORATED. The craftmen have been working ceramics in Puglia for five generations. Nowadays these jars account for 80% of the total production. When Savino Muraglia came in search of me I thought he was insane. He had been enchanted by this ancient ceramic container that was used to store oil and wanted to use it to bottle his own oil, because he thought it was great and said that THE OIL WOULD “BREATHE” BETTER INSIDE IT AND OXIDATION WOULD BE MINIMISED. And today we’re constantly firing ovens full of rainbow pottery jars and all the other creations we design together. I still can’t believe these ancient pieces of Puglian pottery art have been so successful: Savino has created a must-have, that of having in the kitchen A COLLECTABLE PIECE OF DESIGN AND AN EXTRAORDINARY OLIVE OIL at one go. From that day on, not even a week has passed without him coming to see us and talk about some idea of his or keep an eye on the production. WHENEVER HE IS BACK FROM AN EXHIBITION OR FROM A TRIP ABROAD, HE ALWAYS RUSHES HERE BEFORE GOING TO SEE HIS SON, EVEN JUST TO SMELL THE TERRACOTTA JUST TAKEN OUT OF THE OVEN”

The craftmen

The family

Frantoio Muraglia.
Family first, Company second.

Nonno Savino


Papà Vincenzo

Mastro Oleario

Savino Junior

Managing Director

Zio Francesco



Today, Frantoio Muraglia counts the finest gourmet shops in the world among its customers


The excellent quality of our extra virgin olive oil is confirmed by the many national and international awards it has won in recent years, including the “Five Drops” conferred by the Association of Italian Sommeliers (AIS).

5 gocce

2007 (4 gocce)
2008 (5 gocce)
2009 (5 gocce)
2010 (5 gocce)
2011 (5 gocce)
2012 (5 gocce)
2014 (5 gocce)
2016 (5 gocce)
2017 (5 gocce)
2018 (5 gocce)
2019 (5 gocce)

World's best olive oils

2017 Gold Medal Bio evo
2018 Gold Medal Pitted Coratina
2018 Silver Medal Intense Fruity
2019 – Gold Award Intense Fruity
2019 – Best in Class Award Pitted Coratina
2020 – Gold Award Intense Fruity
2020 – Gold Award Pitted Coratina

Oli d'Italia

2016 Coratina Pitted
“2 Foglie” Excellent Olive Oils

2017 Medium Fruity
“2 Foglie” Excellent Olive Oils

2018 Coratina Pitted
“2 Foglie Rosse”

2019 Intense Fruity
“2 Foglie Rosse”

2019 Coratina Pitted
“2 Foglie Rosse”

Oscar dell'olio

2012 – 2013

2015 – 2016

Slow Food

2009 (2 olive)
2011 (2 olive)

Innovation Award 2015

for the extravirgin olive oil “Fumo”

Fondazione Altagamma

2016 – “Giovani Imprese” award to Frantoio Muraglia

Anuga 2015

Best innovation for the product "Fumo"