Fumo olive oil cold smoked with natural woods

Three years of research, study and reflection. Thirty-six months in search of the perfect balance between flavours and aromas. And here it is. Fumo – “Smoke” – is an olive oil cold-smoked with natural wood, conceived and created by Frantoio Muraglia for the adventurous food-lover, for explorers in the world of flavour in search of great new discoveries.

The idea arose from a free-ranging discussion prompted by an old friend, a chef, about culinary trends and aspirations. “Why not smoke oil?”, threw out the cook. The question was a bolt from the blue. In an instant, we had envisioned just what this would be: an ally in the kitchen for the avant-garde homemaker, a surprise topping on bread for a bruschetta snack with friends, a boost of flavour to make steamed or sautéed vegetables really special. An oil for everyday use, but with exceptional personality: perfect even for the chef in search of that special extra note for a signature dish.

And so began the adventure, and so it proceeded – firmly on the rails of our unhurried philosophy: only natural, Italian and of course one hundred percent extra virgin olive oil. Fumo – “Smoke” – comes from cold-pressed Peranzana olives, a pure cultivar from the high tableland region of Apulia with low acidity and a semi-fruity, well-balanced taste, which proved to be perfect. The oil is smoked in our mill using only natural wood – the crucial detail that makes all the difference: our natural method is good not only for the taste of the oil and the health of the consumer, it’s also good for the oil itself, whose shelf-life is increased to 24 months. The result? An elegant finish that enhances the raw materials without obscuring their identity; that customises each flavour with extra virgin, traceable and sustainable authenticity.

On the palate, it combines delicate softness with a faithful reflection hinting at a smoky past, interspersed with well-chosen spicy notes and a long flowery finish.

“SOME YEARS AGO I HAPPENED TO ASK SAVINO, ALMOST IN JEST , IF HE HAD EVER CONSIDERED SMOKING OLIVE OIL. I never thought he’d take me seriously and when I was asked to taste it I was left gaping in amazement. Fumo has something which enhances the taste of meat just grilled or griddled and a drop of this olive oil is magical on a small ricotta as well as on fatty fish, without raising doubts about the product’s quality and the cooking method. Since today’s express cookery demands ingredients that are fresh, lively, maybe even rough and ready but quick to prepare, smoked olive oil turns meat into a “magically” grilled and tasty dish. I SERVED IT SOME TIME AGO ON A “VELLUTATA DI MELANZANE” (AUBERGINE CREAM ) AND IT WAS GREAT FUN WATCHING THE CUSTOMER TRYING TO UNDERSTAND HOW A “VELLUTATA” COULD BE GRILLED”.

Luciano Matera, owner of “Il Turacciolo”, Food & Wine Bar – Andria