Aromatic oils


These Aromatic Oils are synonymous with Excellence and fusion.

Lemon, Celery, Chilli and Ginger are the four taste variations that enliven and fuse Frantoio Muraglia’s extra virgin olive oil.

Four aromatic bouquets in which all ingredients are revered and celebrated. The Rocca Imperiale IGP lemonis perfect with fish dishes, Celery produced in Puglia and Ginger can be paired with crudités, salads and legume soups, while Calabrian Chillies enrich pizzas and give life to the alchemy of the delicate yet pronounced taste.

The blending of flavours, their fusion, occurs during the oil production process itself whereby the ingredients, after being carefully selected, are pressed together with the olive to give life to a product in which there is no division but a perfect fusion and balanced enhancement of flavours.

It is the aroma that makes the essence. And it is the essence that imparts excellence.

“The extra virgin oil plays a very important role both in my restaurant and my kitchen, this last one needs a suitable accomplice because of its delicacy and Savino Muraglia with his magnificent oils is the perfect example for that.

Being aware of their purity, we offer a tasting of all the best Muraglia’s productions and varieties to those who visit our restaurant and our land.

I’ve never used or appreciated aromatic oils in my courses, I’ve always found them “artificials” until I tasted Muraglia’s oils, produced with authentic ingredients, cold-pressed with olives.
Currently, we have 4 aromatic flavours: celery, ginger, chili pepper and IGP lemon.

This last one got my attention : it’s fresh, strong and pungent with a clear taste. I’ve quickly created a course that enhances its fragrances: Har Gao (ravioli) of Santo Spirito red shrimps, nasturtium, IGP lemon aromatic oil (oil is daubed on ravioli before being served), served with a lemon-flavored shrimps broth. Muraglia’s IGP lemon aromatic oil has been a first sight love”./p>

Angelo Sabatelli, restaurant chef at “Angelo Sabatelli” – Putignano One Michelin Star