We celebrate the Apulian territory with a line of bottles of oil, handmade by Apulian ceramists, which dress in the black and white traits of the Salentine artist Pierpaolo Gaballo, creating a Limited Editon that pays homage to the art and excellence of Apulian oil.

Movement, growth and perfection of forms that interact to create life. A journey through the beauty, scents and flavors of Apulia to discover the art and oil excellence "know-how", and a land that has always been a combination of tradition and modernity, quality and elegance, art and flavor. A square, an oval and an octagon - three apparently simple geometric symbols - become, therefore, emblems of past and present stories capable of merging and drawing the beginning of a new and unique love story strictly Made in Puglia. A meeting that was born in the magical Octagon of Castel Del Monte, in Apulia, where the oil excellence by Frantoio Muraglia is paired with the bright, powerful and geometrically perfect style of the designer Pierpaolo Gaballo.

A square, an octagon and an oval. Three symbols having a different meaning but a common idea that aims to remember and show the path of transformation that starts from the earth - the square - and aspires to excellence, the circle, transformed into an oval to remember the main fruit of Frantoio Muraglia production: the olive. The octagon, a conjunction figure between earth and sky, represents instead the man who with his work, his passion and his movements tries to reduce the distance between these two elements, always tending towards the sky and the infinite, which has the taste of excellence.

Alongside the three geometric symbols, on the jars of this new Limited Edition we discover the King, expression of a temporal and divine power, thanks to his dreamlike image represents the ideals towards which everyone tends, the spiritual path or their degree of evolution.

Mother Nature, the second subject, is the metaphor of the woman, the one who generates and gives life, the greatest and most mysterious gift since ancient times.

This new line describes a transformation process and change that turns into a continuous search for excellence in the production of extra virgin olive oil. A passionate journey that the company from Andria wanted to celebrate thanks to Pierpaolo Gaballo, another Apulian refinement, who signed the first two subjects of this Limited Edition.