Christmas Knitting Collection

KNITTING COLLECTION. It is inspired by the soft and fluffy texture of the coolest Christmas jumpers to create an original and glamour gift for next Christmas holidays. It is a precious casket holding our extra virgin olive oil.


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Kategorie: Pacchi regalo

Special ceramic jars, entirely shaped and hand-painted by master craftsmen from Apulia, who take their inspiration from the latest fashion trends and turn them into the most stylish gift of the year.

This jar is as chic as the most fashionable Christmas Jumper, with a design that mixes wool Jacquard, Norwegian and Fair Style. Stars, weaves of iced lace, hearts and geometric patterns typical of the pullovers worn by the most famous stars and celebrities around the world during Santa Claus period, it’s a real holidays must have.

Available in 500ml size with Intense Fruity or Medium Fruity oil varieties.

Dimensioni/Size/Größe 21,5 h x 8,5 cm
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